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We all know it is not healthy to wash your hair too often, but how do you get over those days when you want to stretch it, but also don't want to look like Dirty Dina? We have the perfect solution to your problems - our beautifully designed peak cap! The black base ball cap with the word S L A Y in white embroidery across the front panel.

Why did we chose S L A Y, you might ask? Because this word is Bosslady - like, reminding you that you are a queen and that you can do and accomplish anything! (Like getting away with three day old hair :) 

Not only are peak caps super trendy at the moment, it also protects your most prized possession (your face), from sun damage, keeps your hair out of your eyes when the wind is blowing, absorbs sweat when you're training and makes you look cool when you feel like a tool :)

Get it now and give your hair a break <3

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